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From Spark to Flame

Mckinley & Will Like most love stories, ours starts out with a spark. But, the difference between our story and others is that our spark was literal.  Will and I met in 2014 on a beach in Thailand—at a full moon party—when my hair caught on fire and he ran to the rescue and put […]

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A Boho Riverside Affair

Tana & Sam WORDS BY TANA HOFFMAN + PHOTOGRAPHY BY JENAE HUCKINS I met Sam on a cold snowy day in Teton Village, right after Christmas. We’d known about each other for a while, both made familiar with the other by many mutual friends. So, it didn’t surprise any of them that our first date […]

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My Backyard Wedding

tips for an off-grid celebration Picture this.  Your entire family and friend group all together, outside, in a place not only wild, but that also holds a vein that runs through you. You imagined it your whole life—a backyard wedding in this exact locale (even if you didn’t quite have the space nailed down yet) […]

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And Zeus Makes Three

Abby & Scott It all started in March of 2017 when I was visiting Jackson, from New York City, for Rendezvous Fest and attended a dinner party at Scott’s house. The night we met, Scott snuck me into the back door of the Tavern (now The Roadhouse) to skip the line (Sorry, Tavern!) and we […]

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Lina & Mike For as long as I can remember, I wanted to get married in the town where my father grew up. I spent every summer and winter of my life in Wilson, Wyoming. It has always been where my heart felt most at home. There was just one thing missing—a groom. Mike and […]

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Blended Vows

Laure & Robert Robert (Bobby) and I originally met in New Jersey when I was 16. He grew up in a little town called Boonton, and I grew up one town over in Lincoln Park. His sister, Kelly, and I were friends and attended the same high school Bobby graduated from. I was at their […]

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Rainbows and Butterflies

Caroline & TJ It was November 23, 2019, when TJ and I first met in the barn at my family’s ranch. I am originally from Plano, Texas, and grew up visiting my grandpa’s farm in West Texas. My family was looking for a ranch in Montana, Wyoming, or Idaho, and when we visited Jackson, we […]

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Finding the Sweet Spot

Paloma & Patrick Paloma and I are both from Massachusetts, but it took a pandemic to dislodge each of us from our respective cities: hers, Boston, mine, Worcester. We met while climbing in the White Mountains of New Hampshire on July 25, 2020—a fatalistic chance encounter. Early memories include Paloma’s pleasant smile, and the notion […]

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Restless Locals

Alise & Tycen Tycen set out for Jackson Hole at the age of 18 with dreams of deep Wyoming powder, flowy mountain biking trails, and plenty of trout and whitewater to satisfy his need for an epic new stage of life.  I (Alise), the Jackson-grown girl attending college in California, was always desperate for winter […]

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The Long and Short of It

Mary Susan & Hunter Hunter and I met in 2017 at my former restaurant, Cashio’s Meatball Market, in Birmingham, Alabama. Hunter would come in, sit at the bar, and hang out. Sometimes he would round up a group to join him, and other times he would just come alone. I thought nothing of it at […]

Planning Your Wedding