The Late-Night Snack,
Your Culinary Last Word

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Photo by Meredith Diamond

Words by Jenn Rein

The stages of your wedding day unfold in a series of milestones; the ceremony is just the beginning. By the end of it all, you may feel elated, satisfied, relieved, and also hungry—once you have the time to notice. A final catered snack will nourish you and mark yet another moment to savor with your guests.

Polish the Send-Off

How you deliver this encore treat is up to you. You could set up a simple food station and let guests serve themselves. Or take it up a notch and hire a food truck, complete with made-to-order items. Go sweet. Go savory. Or design a menu that lets guests mix-and-match. Cap a healthy Mediterranean meal with a once-in-a-blue-moon extravagance or update a childhood favorite for a midnight nosh.  

“We’ve recently started offering late-night bites from our mobile trolley kitchen that we’re pretty stoked about,” says Courtney McCabe, event director for Provisions Jackson Hole. “We’ve been listening to customer feedback, and this came as a result of that demand.”

Known for their donuts (the creation of Chef Clark Myers and Chef Chas Baki), Provisions displays these sweet treats on a party board, turning the late-night course into fodder for conversation. Picture your guests gathered round, discussing the difficult choice between the salty-sweet sensation of a potato chip-topped donut and the enticing familiarity of colored sprinkles.  

Amy Marrington, owner of Sagebrush Grille, looks forward to the interaction that naturally occurs between people tired from the festivities yet hungry for delicious snacks. While Sagebrush can provide a full catering experience, they are also happy to jump in for just an evening finale.

“We enjoy being there, outside of an event venue, at the end of the evening. Everyone is so happy and relaxed coming out of the reception, and we’re handing them just one more thing to make the night memorable,” she says.

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Photo by Madison Webb

Source What Suits You

Alina Cornejo, director of catering for Genevieve Catering, has seen the late-night snack idea go from a novelty to an expectation. 

“Genevieve Catering has been doing late night snacks for several years. In 2023, we had about 50 percent of our weddings choose a late-night option,” she says.

“We’ve done everything from buffalo sliders to mini carne asada burritos, and Philly cheesesteaks to our signature fried chicken biscuits,” she continues. “Our clients usually gravitate towards the fried chicken biscuits or buffalo sliders for late-night food.”

When you’re planning a culinary send-off, ask your catering team for creative ideas. For instance, a signature cocktail that wraps up the evening could serve as a “farewell” statement. 

“A new thing we tried last summer was mini espresso martinis,” Cornejo says. “We got these small 4-ounce martini glasses, and passed espresso martinis to guests along with late-night snacks. Everyone went crazy for them!”

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Photo by Erin Wheat

Time It Right

Once you’ve embraced the idea of late-night snacking, consider the timing. Do you want the snack to recharge guests during a dance-heavy reception? Or do you want to send the “have a good night” message with a mini-course wind-down?

Lisa Hanley, owner of Forage Bistro in Driggs, says her team has served Wagyu sliders, poutine, s’mores, caramel popcorn, hot chicken sliders, mini ice cream cones, and pizza. Most of these handheld snacks could withstand a turn on the dance floor. But you could just as easily offer popcorn with a final sip of Prosecco at the exit.

Topping off your day of memories with a final nosh will give your loved ones a chance to slow down, look around, and bask in the results of your thoughtful planning process. 

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