The Time of Our Lives

Taylor & Chris

Chris and Taylor met at church one snowy February afternoon. Taylor had recently moved to Jackson for a job as a physical therapist, while Chris had lived there for a couple of years. As a meteorologist working in Idaho Falls, Chris was only in Jackson on the weekends, so he asked Taylor to meet him for coffee the following weekend. After spending a couple hours together talking at Persephone Bakery, taking in the National Elk Refuge, and walking around Town Square together, they realized they had lots in common.

Following their coffee date (Chris calls it a date, but Taylor still denies that it was one!), they were both traveling, so they didn’t reconnect for several weeks. With the help of a friend’s dog, Chris scored a doggie date with Taylor and her new puppy, Fisher. From that date on, they were inseparable. They spent weekends together enjoying the outdoor adventuring Jackson has to offer—backpacking, hiking, camping, flying around the Tetons and Yellowstone National Park in a friend’s plane, and building bonfires on Shadow Mountain. As their summer activities turned to winter ones, they both felt that there was a future for them together.

Around Christmastime, Chris’ family came to visit and flew into Salt Lake City. Chris convinced Taylor that they should make a weekend trip out of it—pick up his family and do some Christmas shopping in the “big city.” Little did Taylor know, Chris had been planning and orchestrating the details of his proposal for months.

What seemed like an innocent hike before dinner ended at the top of Traverse Mountain with a stunning view of Salt Lake City and Provo, a decorated Christmas tree, and a crackling fire awaiting them—and two friends and Taylor’s family hiding in the bushes. Chris had thought out every detail. The tree was decorated with pictures of their adventures, the fire was warm and inviting, Taylor’s family had flown in from Alabama without her having the slightest clue, and the most epic sunset served as a backdrop to his proposal.

As winter slowly turned to spring, they worked on planning out the details of their wedding. There was little to discuss about location—their lives, friends, and church community were all in Jackson. As their plans came together, they became more and more excited.

Taylor and Chris had an unforgettable time showing off Jackson to their guests from near and far. As the wedding day approached, they were overwhelmed with love and support from their families and friends, as well as their Cornerstone Church community. And, the wedding day itself was unforgettable—Taylor and Chris made a covenant before God, in the presence of their dearest supporters, and then held a celebration relished by all in attendance.

wedding date
24 June 2017

ceremony/reception location
Diamond Cross Ranch

Eric Davis

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Kristin Lindsey Photography

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