The 90-Day Wedding

Our guide to planning a wedding on the fly
90 day wedding 1
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It’s a rainy day in Jackson. Clouds settle around the Tetons in wispy patterns like cotton sheets—billowing, and then cascading to the ground. The mist casts Grand Teton National Park in an unusual light, and the air feels heavier than normal, but not nearly as heavy as the little box in Jason’s pocket. The tips of mountains peek out from behind their covers, watching as he sinks to one knee.

Ninety-seven days later, this scene is reversed as Jason watches the Tetons disappear through the window of the plane. He spins his wedding band in mindless circles on his ring finger, still getting used to the feel. On the way to their honeymoon in Europe, he leans into his new wife, Carly, and whispers, “Best three months of my life.” Engaged, married, and honeymooning—90 days from start to finish. 

As they recall the timeline now, the couple is equally adamant that they wouldn’t change a thing. “It was perfect,” they say, almost simultaneously. Proof that a short engagement doesn’t have to come with unwanted sacrifices. With the right help, anything is possible, even planning a Jackson Hole dream wedding in 90 days.

90 Days Out …

Decide on your must-haves. When you dream about your wedding, what do you see? Start there. 

Perhaps you’ve always pictured getting married in the mountains, and an outdoor venue is non-negotiable for you. Or it could be the faces in the crowd that you can’t bear to be without, meaning invitations need to go out immediately. Task number one is to nail down your absolute must-haves. Once your non-negotiables are in place, everything else will feel less pressing.

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80 Days Out …

Pick your vendors. Since you’re already getting a late start by typical wedding-planning standards, it helps to move quickly. Get ahead by selecting vendors with similar ideology and planning styles to your own. 

“We know the area and the industry so well,” says Julie Kendall, owner of Edge Wyld, which specializes in outdoor gatherings and elevated picnics in the Jackson area. 

Selecting local planners and vendors allows you access to their extensive networks and resources. In some cases, hiring a local company can even open the door to exclusive locations and one-of-a-kind experiences. Kendall and her team have catered weddings and elopements in remote locations, such as Split Creek Ranch, an option that would be nearly impossible to pull off without a professional caterer with insider knowledge.

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60 Days Out …

Be flexible. By this point, you’ve heard the word “no” more than a handful of times. Or even worse, the dreaded, “We’re already booked.” Adapt your plans where you can, but stick to your non-negotiables.

“Be flexible on dates. Be flexible on the day of the week. Be flexible on the time of the day,” advises Kendall. “Late afternoon and evening in Jackson can be the most beautiful time of day,” she adds. 

In addition, don’t take rejection personally. The words “we can’t” aren’t a personal attack. They’re guidance, leading you to a more perfect outcome. And remember, if you don’t ask, the answer is always “no.”

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40 Days Out …

Call in some favors. Put aside your pride and ask for advice and help. Start with family and friends—you’ll be surprised how eager they are to be involved. A friend who likes to bake can replace a formal wedding cake with an eclectic dessert table. A college roommate can pick up the flowers when the florist says she’ll make the arrangements but can’t drop them off. And the guitar player at your church might be honored to play background music during your happy hour. In the end, all these little favors will lend character and personality to your big day. Also, don’t be afraid to ask your vendors for a little extra help. It may come with an upcharge, but it’s well worth your peace of mind. 

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20 Days Out …

Put a bow on the details. Get with your planner, or coordinator, and walk through the day from start to finish. What still needs to be purchased to ensure your vision matches the reality? 

And before buying online, try to shop local. Everything you need can be found, more sustainably, right here in the Tetons. McPhee Designs carefully curates gift baskets—using local goods—for incoming family and the wedding party. Belle Cose’s Final Call Sale offers one-of-a-kind decor of higher quality and better taste than anything found online (and for a reasonable price). 

10 Days Out …

Take a “no planning day.” It’s like a sick day, but better. Put an “out-of-office” message on your wedding email, grab your partner, and do something you love that has nothing to do with wedding planning. For bonus points, choose an activity without cell service! Snow King Resort’s Grand View Spa provides a relaxing immersive experience that will force out 80 days of built-up tension. 

If you prefer to be outdoors, drive into Grand Teton National Park and visit Turpin Meadow Ranch for hiking in the summer, or cross-country skiing in the winter, followed by dinner and drinks at the lodge. Then, return to reality, only after you feel more connected to your soon-to-be-spouse and remember the reasons you couldn’t wait to say, “I do.” It’ll all be there when you get back. Promise!

1 Day Out …

Trust the process. Trust your vendors. Trust yourself. Tomorrow will be perfect, even in the imperfections! Today is for being in the moment and reveling in love. Spend extra time with the members of your wedding party at the rehearsal dinner and take however long you need with your parents and future in-laws. Or hire a local wellness pro the night before the wedding. An IV from House Call Hydration or bodywork from one of the practitioners at Medicine Wheel Wellness allows you self-care from the comfort of your house or hotel.

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Wedding Day.

It’s the day you’ve anxiously awaited since your best friend proposed just 12 weeks earlier! You chose a short engagement because you couldn’t wait to marry the love of your life. Enjoy it and celebrate your love! Because when you look back, you’ll realize 90 days never passed by so quickly.  

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