Elegantly Rustic

Amanda & Kevin

Kevin and I met during our third year at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. Our first conversation was brief and in passing, but it sparked a curiosity that I couldn’t resist. A few weeks later, I finagled a way for Kevin to be my “almost-blind date” to a formal event at our college. We hit it off right away. The next thing we knew, we were traveling Europe together and enjoying amazing adventures.

We’ve traveled to some incredible locations, shared delicious meals, and created countless memories we’ll cherish forever. We’ve mastered the key to moving successfully by practicing four times over the last four years. We know that our entire life can fit into one small U-Haul because we don’t need a lot of material things. We just need each other, and everything else is simply a bonus.

Since Kevin and I are both from the East Coast, many of our friends and family were shocked when we announced Wyoming as the destination for our wedding. However, Jackson made perfect sense to us. While we love Boston’s city life, we very much enjoy our outside adventures. We love spending our free time skiing, hiking, and traveling. We realized early on in our planning that while we love Boston, it just simply wasn’t the right location for our wedding. We wanted an intimate gathering—small enough that we could talk to each guest but large enough to fill a dance floor. We wanted our wedding to reflect our personalities, and that is exactly the type of freedom that Wyoming offered. The beautiful pairing of an East Coast garden party with the grandeur of the Tetons created the perfect setting for our elegantly rustic wedding.

Kevin was my soundboard and rock during our wedding planning, letting me lead yet participating in all of the big decisions. Early on, he said, “I want to be 100 percent involved in our wedding planning, but promise me that you won’t ask me a question if there is already a right answer.” Meaning, Don’t ask me blue or green if the answer you have your heart set on is green. This rule became the foundation for our smooth wedding planning.

Kevin and I really enjoyed the planning process and exploring unique ways to tie our personalities with Jackson’s already-beautiful mountain backdrop. We tapped family members and friends for support when needed, but managed to handle most of the significant planning details ourselves.
We hired a group of incredible local vendors who were able to turn our wedding vision and planning details into reality. As cliché as it may sound, our Teton wedding was everything we’d hoped for and more.

Wedding Details:

wedding date
22 August 2015

ceremony & reception location
Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis Club

Christopher Freda

Heather Erson Photography

Amy McPhee

Jackson Hole DJ

Amy McPhee, day-of coordinator

Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis Club

Jackson Cake Company

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