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Sylwia & Andrew

Our journey together began in the fall of 2012 with a text message: “Hey, it’s Sylwia from Zoosk.” These words popped up on my phone and forever changed my life. Zoosk is a dating app (I’m officially old enough to say there was no Tinder at the time) that allows people to connect by accessing one another’s profiles. Sylwia and I met for the first time at a club in downtown Philadelphia. The chemistry was instantaneous, and the proceeding few months included exploration, excitement, and new experiences. 

The importance of travel compatibility cannot be overlooked in a relationship, and one of the first things Sylwia and I connected over was our love for traveling. Within months, we enjoyed our first trip together to the Dominican Republic. It was apparent, upon our return, that we had both found someone who could make the pleasure of travel that much better with their mere presence. Over the following years, we enjoyed trips to Hawaii, Mexico, Costa Rica, Poland, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, and then finally got engaged in Italy. 

I grew up outside of Philadelphia. Sylwia was born in Poland and moved to New Jersey at a young age. Growing up, most of my family’s vacations were spent traveling to the Rocky Mountains. But after experiencing Jackson Hole for the first time, our vacation focus shifted exclusively to the Tetons—exploring the area during different seasons, visiting the national parks, and taking in the views and the wildlife. So, it was only a matter of time before Sylwia joined me on a trip to Jackson so that she could fall in love with the area in her own way. It was then that we knew—the Tetons were the exact backdrop we wanted as we made our lifelong commitment to one another.

Sure, Jackson Hole isn’t the easiest place to host a wedding. And with family located around the world, it would be no easy task getting them all there. Connecting flights, time-zone changes, cost of travel, high-altitude accommodations—all were reasons to deviate back to an East Coast wedding. But that didn’t stop us. We knew that once our guests arrived, they’d share in the place’s sense of magnificence, beauty, serenity, and adventure. 

Stress showed its face many times during wedding planning. But there’s no better location to manage tension than in a place littered with awe-inspiring mountain views, ever-changing sunsets, and night skies with stars bright enough to light the streets. We were reminded of these blessings often during the process, as they were the reason we fell in love with Jackson in the first place. 

We could not have asked for a better wedding day. 

Our first look took place at Moulton Barn. This was one of the best decisions we made, as the photos came out better than expected thanks to Taylor Glenn’s expertise in landscape photography. We made our way back to Jackson Hole Golf and Tennis where our wedding planner, Alison Kyle—who made us feel as if we were her only clients (she books out quickly, so we definitely were not!)—had already seated all our guests. Then, we headed down the aisle to our officiant, Michael Leach, who delivered jaw-dropping words connecting our marriage to the surrounding landscape with its twists and turns, its beauty and magnitude, and its strength. 

After the ceremony, guests entertained themselves at the venue’s driving range, hitting balls at the Tetons while the sun set. At one point, we had almost 100 guests on the range enjoying the views and hitting golf balls—something Golf and Tennis employees told us they had never seen before. We made our way off the range and into the tent to dance the night away under elk antler chandeliers and string lighting. 

After the festivities, Sylwia and I expected to thank our loved ones for making the long journey out West. Strangely enough, it was the other way around. One of the greatest takeaways from our wedding weekend was the stories told by guests who ran into each other on hikes and excursions and at restaurants.

We are so grateful to have chosen a destination wedding in Jackson. We never thought it would be possible to appreciate the natural landscape of the Tetons more than we already had until we enjoyed it, once again, with 100 of our closest friends and family. 

Wedding Date
September 7, 2019

Ceremony & Reception
Jackson Hole Golf and Tennis

Michael Leach

Taylor Glenn

Hair & Makeup
Elevation Hair Studio and Jessica DeRose

JH Flower Boutique

Steady Jake DJ 

Destination Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole Golf and Tennis

Dessert Chef
Buttercream Design

Rental Service
Hughes Production 

Transportation Service
Mountain Resort Services

Stationary Design
Xoyo Paper & Press

MTN Media

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