Jaime & Jon
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Jon and I have lived in Teton Valley, Idaho for over 15 years, and our love story is certainly  different than most. It’s a story that many would not have the courage to tell. But we do, which makes us the perfect match. 

Jon lost his beautiful wife Dawn in early 2017. Dawn was a huge attribute to our community—a loving mother, sister, aunt, daughter, friend, and community leader. I was struggling myself at the time, raising two children of my own. The future seemed uncertain. Both of us were doing the best we could. 

Dating in a small town is always tricky. I remember hiking with a very close girlfriend who mentioned the idea of courting Jon. At the time, the concept seemed like just too much. I thought maybe we (myself and my sons) might be too much for him, or maybe the relationship itself would put too much pressure on me.

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Then, two weeks later we met.

It was a warm summer night after a Music on Main in Victor. I just finished working a double shift and was enjoying a night out with my friends. Our eyes met, and we tried to continue chatting with our friends, but all we wanted to do was talk to each other. Later that evening, after a warm conversation together, Jon and I decided to go for a walk. On the way, we stopped and sat on a bridge to share our hearts’ deepest feelings. We listened to each other that night. We shared the sadness and joy of our own journeys, and laughed and lamented. For the first time in what would prove to be so many, we were there for each other. It was easy. Before leaving, we gazed at each other under the moonlight, each waiting for the other to leave first.

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I have two wonderful boys and Jon has two beautiful girls. So, we slowly began introducing the four children … and the dogs, being cautious not to rush anything. Blending a family can be very difficult with everyone’s emotions involved, but it felt right. Much to our amazement, everybody got along great and we decided to take the next step. Trusting each other and knowing this would not be easy, we were going to give it our all. 

Jon and I say our relationship started, and was sealed, on the solar eclipse at the Linn Canyon Ranch. Jon brought the children to the ranch and took care of them while I was working. On that very day, it felt like we were all together as a family.

As time went on, there were hills to climb—big ones, in fact. Sometimes it felt like the world was against us. Sure, there were tears and tribulations, but there were also big hugs and a whole lot of support and love felt from those around us. When a family comes together with love to be shared, it cannot be stopped.

We weathered the pandemic together as a family—a real test for all of us, but we did it! The day we bought a home together—masks and all—is a day I will never forget. 

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Jon and I were married at the Linn Canyon Ranch in Victor, Idaho on a beautiful October day. It’s a day of joy we will never forget. We were surrounded by family and friends, our children, and our handsome dogs. Our spectacular celebration was filled with music, joy, and love from the community of friends and family that encompassed us. It was a day we both deserved and will forever cherish in our hearts. Our marriage felt like a “coming home.”

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Wedding Date: October 2, 2021

Ceremony and Reception Location: Linn Canyon Ranch Officiant: Ed Berthoud Photographer: Stacy Hulsing Hair and Makeup: Katie Miller (The Loft Hair Studio) Florist: Red House Flowers DJs: Neal McGahee & Cut la Whut Consultant: Kathryn Ferris Caterer: Linn Canyon Ranch Dessert Chef: Seven Confections Rental Service: Signature Party Rental Stationary Design: Peak Printing

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