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Laure & Robert
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Robert (Bobby) and I originally met in New Jersey when I was 16. He grew up in a little town called Boonton, and I grew up one town over in Lincoln Park. His sister, Kelly, and I were friends and attended the same high school Bobby graduated from. I was at their house one day when Bobby was home visiting his parents. Who would have known, on that day, that our paths would cross again? 

Fast forward some 20 years later to 2016, and we reunited when Kelly and I took a trip to Florida to see Bobby and his two sons, Kyle (now 23), and Austin (now 20). Bobby reached out to me sometime after our visit and we began talking, which, eventually, led to a two-year long distance relationship. Not living near each other was very difficult, and the odds were stacked against us from the beginning; no one thought it would ever last. We would Facetime multiple times a day and visit each other as much as we could. 

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The hardest stint was during the COVID-19 pandemic. We went six months without seeing each other. Then, Bobby drove to New Jersey, picked up me and my boys, Hunter (now 11), and Troy (now 8), and drove us back to Florida. We spent the entire summer with him and his two boys, which sealed the deal for us. … I knew this was meant to be.

Bobby retired from the Fort Lauderdale Police Department in January of 2021, and he decided to move to New Jersey. Then, we got engaged in May of 2021 on Memorial Day weekend.

It was Bobby’s family’s annual gathering in Upstate New York. Of course, it happened to be in the low forties that day and raining, so I was not looking forward to a cold, wet quad ride (one of the family’s favorite pastimes). There was no cute outfit. No romantic dinner. Instead, we gathered with about twenty people to ride quads in the rain. I was dressed in a bright yellow raincoat, soaking wet boots and hair, and winter gloves—I was a sight to see. We all drove to this beautiful overlook in the mountains, and I remember sitting on the quad, not moving because I was frozen. Bobby wanted to take some pictures by the overlook, and when I turned around to face him, he was on his knee. Without a hesitation, I said, “yes!” 

In June of 2021, we took a trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I remember seeing pictures of Jackson Hole, and I knew, instantly, it would be the perfect place for a destination wedding. I came across an article about Diamond Cross Ranch, and I immediately emailed the ranch and made an appointment to visit. We both fell in love with the venue and were blown away by the absolute beauty of the Tetons and the gorgeous natural setting. So, we booked it.

Since this was a second marriage for both of us, we wanted it to be a small, intimate celebration with only our closest friends and family. Robert and I took our time to choose only attendees who truly believed in us, supported us, and were with us from the beginning. We wanted our guests to leave our wedding feeling our love as a couple and knowing how much they all meant to us. 

We didn’t really have a theme or a style for our wedding, but, instead, wanted it to be clean, simple, and classic. We didn’t need much because the backdrop of the Tetons was already breathtaking. Kjera Griffith, our wonderful wedding planner, led the way and made our vision come to life. 

My two boys walked me down the aisle and stood by my side the entire time. Bobby’s two boys stood with him, as well, as we recited our vows. Bobby and I also wrote vows to our children and to each other’s children. We included fun memories and talked about how grateful we were to have formed a new family. There was not a dry eye in the place!

The al fresco dinner was unforgettable. We sat around a long family-style table, giving us the opportunity to share stories. Bobby surprised me with an after-dinner speech that included a little something about every single person that attended. It was amazing how he took the time to acknowledge everyone that came to our wedding! Our guests will never forget this. 

To this day, the memories we made together live on in our minds. Seeing my two boys ride horses for the first time at Heart Six Ranch, alongside eighteen of our guests, was a true highlight. The smiles on their faces seemed permanent. I enjoyed watching everyone laugh, talk about the breathtaking scenery, and interact with each other. Being able to have both my parents present at our wedding is also something that I will forever appreciate. Unfortunately, my dad, who turned 80 while we were in Jackson, recently passed away. I am forever grateful I was able to share my love for Bobby with him. 

Book Local Activities

When planning a Teton wedding, book all the activities ahead of time. We had a very small wedding and communicated our plans on our website. That way, if guests wanted to join in on the fun, they were more than welcome. And, if not, we didn’t have to stress about having to entertain everyone. 

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Wedding Date: July 28, 2022

Ceremony and Reception Location: Diamond Cross Ranch Officiant: Colleen Crook Photographer: Cole Buckhart Videographer: Storyboard Productions Hair and Makeup: Hair by Kelly René Florist: Historia Florals DJ: Rossllyn Read (“r” sound by Rosie Read) Consultant: Kjera Griffith of Grand Teton Weddings + Events Caterer: Three Peaks Catering Desserts: Three Peaks Catering Rental Service: Canvas Unlimited Transportation Service: Mountain Resort Services

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